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Substance Abuse Treatment in Prescott, Arizona

Why become a part of our program?

  • Client-specific and flexible programs
  • Minimal risk of relapse with prevention services
  • Education and counseling for public awareness of substance abuse
  • A team of experts ready to serve

What is our vision?

  • To eliminate the stigma and discrimination against those suffering from substance abuse and related illnesses
  • To address substance abuse-related societal issues, transforming the world with optimal health solutions

What are our core values?

  • Teamwork - impacting clients with collaborative strategies
  • Integrity - practicing honesty during operations
  • Diversity - creating a safe space for everyone

Our Mission

Our mission is to ease the recovery transition of individuals suffering from substance abuse with individualized intervention that allows them to achieve a life they can be proud of.

Who We Are

Shamrock Recovery Services LLC is an outpatient recovery program located in Prescott, AZ, that builds on resilience as its core principle.

Our approach to the needs of addicts and alcoholics is highly individualized. Each person is given a carefully designed treatment plan to address their needs in their recovery, whether it be Substance Abuse Treatment in Prescott, Arizona, Relapse Prevention, DUI Services, MVD Revocation Services, or any combination of these. Individualized treatment is an integral component of our program, as each person has their own unique needs. Individualized care, as well as the length of treatment, are key factors in relapse prevention and long-term abstinence.

Trauma is often intertwined with addiction, whether the trauma was suffered prior to the onset of addiction or occurred as a result of the addict or alcoholic lifestyle. Thus, we believe a thorough trauma assessment is a vital component of the clinical evaluation of treatment needs.

We are passionate about relapse prevention and seek to identify and change relapse causes. We help you identify specific components of your potential for relapse and work with you to develop adaptive coping mechanisms to minimize future relapse potential. In many ways, this is the principal focus of our treatment here at Shamrock Recovery Services LLC. -- Adam Rogers (with thanks to Shelley Taylor)

Our Team

Our Specialties

We strive to continually deliver innovative prevention, education, and treatment programs for individuals with drug or alcohol problems. We are one of the few facilities in the area that provide these services.

Relapse Prevention

Often, an individual with a relapse history cycles through repeated treatment stays with little to no change in outcome. We combat this by first identifying the critical factors in each individual’s relapse cycle and then developing a treatment plan that encompasses those factors.

Substance Abuse and MVD Revocation Services

We have all levels of outpatient treatment, from substance abuse education classes to gender-specific issue counseling. Individuals move throughout the different phases of treatment as their needs/progress dictate. MVD is also required after an individual’s driving privileges have been revoked due to unpaid fines and/or legal charges.

DUI Services

At Shamrock Recovery Services LLC, our goal is to ease the stress of a DUI by managing all communication between the court and Arizona ADOT/MVD from your enrollment to completion. We are a state-licensed provider of DUI services, which also include motor vehicle revocation assessments.