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Common Reasons Why Quitting Drinking Is Difficult

Have you ever tried quitting drinking? Or perhaps, do you know someone who has tried getting sober? How was the result?

Quitting drinking is not easy and is often (a lot of times) more challenging than downing the first glass of alcohol served to someone. Alcohol abuse endangers the person’s life and may pose risks to their relationships. But if drinking too much is a vice, why aren’t people quitting such a vice?

Let us realize that quitting alcohol is not simple. Here are some reasons why despite knowing of its harmful effects, people cannot seem to stop excessive drinking.

  • Alcohol provides the positive feeling from dopamine that can be difficult to give up.
  • Drinking is a socially-accepted and sometimes encouraged activity.
  • There is a lack of proper control to support a person’s recovery.
  • Alcohol is easily accessible, especially for those legally allowed for it.
  • Discipline can be challenging to instill without proper accountability.

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