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Common Substances People Are Curious About


It starts with curiosity. People try using substances, thinking about their possible effects and why others are drawn to them. Not knowing they are already starting to get deep.

People will need a strong relapse prevention plan to avoid coming back to addiction.

Many people benefit from our addiction treatment services. As we continue changing people’s lives, we have observed the following to be the most commonly tried substances:

  • Marijuana
    A mild hallucinogen, this is the most commonly abused substance through smoking. It stimulates the nervous system, causing increased appetite and thirst, memory and judgment impairment, and increased/decreased anxiety or depression.
  • Cocaine
    A powerful stimulant, it gives users a short euphoric feeling when ingested. It is usually snorted as a powder but can also be in rock form.
  • Heroin
    Taken commonly through injection, heroin brings pleasurable feelings such as arousal.
  • Methamphetamine
    It is usually a white powder, and this substance is highly addictive. Long-term abuse of this drug can cause psychotic symptoms.
  • Alcohol
    Alcoholism may cause depression, anxiety, psychosis, and antisocial behavior both during intoxication and withdrawal. Alcohol

Treatment can help solve this issue.

Our outpatient recovery program in Arizona helps people stop before they become addicted to these substances.

If you require substance abuse treatment in Prescott, Arizona, due to mild use of drugs, do not hesitate to get our services. Shamrock Recovery Services LLC can help you prevent addiction and lead a happy drug-free life. We will be with you from treatment to aftercare.

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