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How Substance Addiction Shatters Families


The home is seriously affected when a family member gets into drugs. Lives are altered, attachments become disrupted, and plans are ruined. Dreams are shuttered, causing emotional distress.

And when drug abusers refuse addiction treatment, below are the more intense effects on their families.

  • Financial Burdens
    Drug addiction is not cheap. Long-time use can cause loss of jobs and increased financial troubles. Not being able to pay for mortgages may result in the foreclosure of properties. Struggling for a supply of drugs, addicts turn against the law to quench their urges.
  • Relationship Gaps
    Though empathy makes them want to provide love and support, intense emotions take a significant toll on families trying to live and cope with a member struggling with drug addiction, thereby causing strain on family ties. To note that addicts would want to honor their commitment to the family, the effect of addiction fails them, causing a loss of trust.
  • Physical Abuse
    With drug addiction, disagreements turn into fights as the addict is acting out of character. Simple misunderstandings turn into physical abuse. And this needs serious counseling for the whole family.
  • Violence
    As drug addicts may become aggressive and violent, family members need to step back to avoid engaging with them. Some, though, might provoke the addict, triggering them into committing violence. Families need to go under trauma assessment for the violence they experienced.

One way or another, we must help a loved one get substance abuse treatment in Prescott, Arizona, to recover from the pit they are in. Because the more they use it, the more they do worse things.

Get a relapse prevention plan to prevent all these from happening again. Let Shamrock Recovery Services LLC be your ally in transforming your lives for the better. Call 928-458-3739 now!

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