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Anger Issues: What Type Is Your Anger?

Anger is a natural human reaction we feel in certain situations, like responding to pain, stress, financial problems, threats, or harm to ourselves or the people we cherish. Sometimes, you will need a trauma assessment to fight the effects of these factors.

Not being able to control anger, however, can turn destructive and may negatively affect your personal and professional relationships.

You will need to undergo counseling and treatment.

There are a few types of anger issues:

  • Inward Anger
    This type of anger is directed internally, denying yourself things you enjoy doing, even basic needs like food and water.
  • Outward Anger
    This type involves verbal or physical expression of anger toward other people and objects. It can include breaking things and attacking others through shouting and cursing. At this point, people might need to enter rehab.
  • Passive Anger
    Also called passive-aggressive behavior, this can include actions like being sarcastic, degrading toward others, or giving them silent treatment.

Our recovery center in Prescott, Arizona, can help you realize the factors of your anger and eliminate them. You can trust our dependable professionals at Shamrock Recovery Services LLC.

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