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Unseen Trauma: How People Suffer in Silence

A traumatic event can leave anyone scarred for life, and the trauma may continue to impact the person’s life, even without verbal or visible communication.

Trauma patients may continue to suffer in silence, and this situation can only worsen the patient’s condition. Unseen trauma is just as real and heartbreaking as any other unfortunate event.

These people may purposely miss out on opportunities to avoid reliving the trauma or prevent any conversations with others that may bring up the subject. When a person intentionally gets out of their circle, the relief is only brief as they cut ties that could have been helpful.

Physical manifestations may be present in some cases. Body responses to extreme situations can be hard to control. However, discerning real trauma may require trusted eyes. Other changes may happen in their behavior as they attempt to make sense of their feelings.

An unfortunate route can be substance abuse. These people continue to mask their pain and suffering while downing their feelings into the temporary relief of chemicals.

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