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Why Relapse Happens and How to Prevent It


Drug addiction or substance use disorder is characterized by an inability to control one’s self from using drugs—illegal or not. Alcohol, marijuana, and nicotine are all considered drugs. People addicted to such substances are generally aware of the harmful effects of unhealthy consumption of these.

However, quitting is easier said than done. Regular use of drugs causes physical addiction. It is when your body adapts the substance in your system over time. Hence, a sudden stop in usage results in unwanted physical aftereffects and withdrawal symptoms. That is why when people decide to quit, they should seek professional help, from a Recovery Center in Prescott, Arizona, for instance, if near the area.

Some specialists expertly guide those who wish to overcome addiction using specific approaches to ensure sustainable addiction treatment. The process of doing away from the habit, even though an unhealthy one, is not only physically straining but also emotionally and mentally exhausting.

On one hand, addiction can become chronic after many years of dependency, and quitting substance use can be a life-long process for many. That is because a relapse can happen. That is when one returns to using drugs, alcohol, or cigarettes after fighting the cravings to no avail. That is typical among many people and is often considered part of their condition.

After getting intervention for substance use disorder, another treatment one is recommended to go through is Relapse Prevention. This kind of therapy offers healthy coping skills to fight triggers of relapse.

Shamrock Recovery Services LLC offers a certified Outpatient Recovery Program in Arizona. You may call 928-458-3739 or email if you or a loved one needs help.

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