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Driving under the Influence of Drugs and Alcohol


Driving under the influence may cause many unfortunate events. It is illegal and punishable by law. And as providers of addiction treatment, we want to educate people and spread awareness.

  • Drugged driving is driving a vehicle under the intoxicating effects of recent drug use — making driving a car unsafe.
  • Marijuana can slow reaction time, impair the judgment of time and distance, and decrease coordination.
  • Cocaine or methamphetamine can make the driver aggressive and reckless when driving.
  • Benzodiazepines and opioids can cause drowsiness and dizziness and impair cognitive functioning.
  • Drunk driving, on the other hand, is getting behind the wheel after having even just a few drinks. It is dangerous to yourself, pedestrians, and other drivers.
  • Crashes due to these intoxications may lead to damage to life and property. People under the influence may take away a parent, a child, a sibling, a relative, or a friend who’s dear to others. They may also destroy homes, business establishments, and other structures valuable to people.

And that is why we need to halt these through effective Drug and alcohol treatment.

If you know a loved one or a friend who needs DUI services, we can help communicate with the court and Arizona ADOT/MVD from enrollment to completion.

Let us encourage them to go under our outpatient recovery program in Arizona.

Our recovery center in Prescott, Arizona, welcomes everyone who needs a turning point in their lives to finally stop addiction.

We have different programs here at Shamrock Recovery Services LLC to help you cope and lead to full recovery.

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